“The Ultimate Proven System for Your Personal Transformation”

Date : 20th Oct, 2019 at 9 am to 1.0 PM or 2 PM – 6.0 PM (you can choose any option)

* Only 20 spots are available for each seminar, so claim yours now! *

In this Exclusive STAND UP - Rewrite Your Destiny & U Can Workshop,

Here’s What You Will Learn:

And much more…


Dear Friend
* Would you like to take your career to a next level and earn more salary.
* Would you like to take your business to high profitable venture.
* Would you love to do which you wanted, enjoy your life and live a magical life
* Would you like to eliminate your negative inner voice
* Would you like to remove your mental blocks, fears and worries that are stopping you
* Would you to be effective in your relationship with yourself, your spouse, colleagues, friends and relatives

Then you’re in the right place…  
– You may be a working professional , Business Person, Entrepreneur, Sports Person or Budding Film Actor and so on.
– Regardless of who you are, there’s DEFINITELY an hidden potential that people don’t know about yet.  
– There’s a untapped capability that hides behind your years of living.  
And it’s time to bring that forward…  
That’s why I would like to invite you to participate in my exclusive, “STAND UP-Rewrite your destiny & U Can” seminar happening on the. 20th Oct, 2019 at 9 am to 1.0 PM or 2 PM – 6.0 PM

Listen to what some of the previous attendees have to say

Listen to what people have to say about Niranjan Nerlige V

Having personally known Niranjan for over twenty years, I can easily say that nothing stops him! His life is not just the story of how he fought physical disability and won, but how he developed an enormous amount of mental and emotional strength to tackle problems at every stage of his adult life. When most people give up at the slightest hint of challenges and ask “why me”, he took every challenge head-on by saying “try me!”. He is my favorite real-life hero, and I am sure he will leave you inspired!

Tathagat Varma, Founder, Thought Leadership

“Niranjan is a standing power and an inspiration for all those people who cannot standup by themselves. He is a vibrant thought process thinker. Niranjan is very clear in his approach and his goals. He can inspire people take actions on their dreams and desires, without settling down with reasons and justifications”


Pavan R C, Founder of Achieve School, Kinesthetic Mathemagician, Tedx Speaker and Author of Four Books. 

Meeting Niranjan truly changed my view on life. He inspires so many people. When you read his inspirational story in the book, you’ll see that you, too, can be UNSTOPPABLE.”



Joe Bartmann, President, Dakota Resources, South Dakota, USA

Niranjan Nerlige V

Rebound Coach, Author, Life Transformation Expert and Inspirational Speaker

It’s Niranjan’s mission to provide tools and strategies that everyone STAND UP to their life, STAND UP to their challenges, STAND UP for what they believe in, STAND strong to accomplish their goals and realize their true desires. He strongly believes everyone has the ability to STAND UP for their life to go beyond their obstacles, mental barriers, limiting beliefs, fears, worries. It’s Niranjan’s mission to help at least 5 Lacs people in next 5 years

Niranjan has worked with various corporate professionals, Businessmen, college students. He considers everyone has hidden potential and capability to become unstoppable to realise their dreams. What’s set them apart is their thoughts, mental barriers and ambition to achieve things.

“ STAND UP- Re write your destiny & U can “ Seminar

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PRESENTER: Niranjan Nerlige V



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