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I am Niranjan Nerlige V. I am a Rebound Coach, TEDx Speaker, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Corporate Trainer. I strongly believe in “Challenging one’s limits rather than limited by challenges”. I have been an effective and efficient corporate professional over two decades, an independent corporate trainer. I am founder of Exelplus Services Coaching and Training firm. I have trained more than 4000 participants and 80 Plus Organizations in the last 10 years, in the area of Agile Project Management to various Indian and Overseas Clients.

I have travelled five countries in my wheelchair for my work. I have delivered several motivational and coaching seminars in many educational institutions, corporates and to public.

Life took a completely different turn when I was about to leave for the US in two months after passing out from a prestigious institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai. On a fateful day in 1994, I had a fall from height accidently due to which I had to be confined to the wheelchair rest of my life. I had to be hospitalized for two years and was taken to operation room almost seventeen times.

As Heller Keller says, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing”. I bounced back very strongly after two years of my harrowing stay in hospital with very strong will power, determination and can-do attitude. I took up the job in an MNC to become highly successful person within next two years. I am living with my adopted son of 21 Years as a single parent.

In the 2009, I lost my job and didn’t know what to do. As they say, ‘Where there is a will there is way’, I decided to follow my passion to teach, became corporate trainer and I never allowed fate to take control of my life. I also founded my coaching and consulting firm.

In the year 2016 I was invited as a facilitator to the conference in Boston to inspire a group of people in the US. I was awarded "Rotary Diversity Award - 2018",, for vocational excellence and being the inspiration for my achievements and never say die spirit. I was interviewed in Dooradarshan, AB News and other Radio channels to about my life. I have been featured in several newspapers and magazines about my life and my accomplishments. I was invited for TEDx talk at DSCE, Bengaluru as TEDx Speaker.

Recently I was interviewed by one of the crew members of Tony Robbins team to deliver a corporate talk to corporate professionals in Philippines.

I authored a book ‘I CHOOSE TO BE UNSTOPPABLE’ which is an inspiring story of how a physically challenged person, overcame all odds to live a life of incredible achievement, success and fulfillment. My book became #1 Best Seller in Amazon was awarded by Critic Space Journal Literary award as one of the top 100 Debut Indian Authors for his book.

Currently I coach and inspire people to bounce back in their life irrespective of their situation, create happy, successful and prosperous life. I have designed a coaching program “STAND UP- Rewrite your destiny & U can” and a system that will help people to lead happy, successful life despite any situation and PASSION-TO-INCOME GROWTH MODEL for working professionals to turn their passion and do what they love. My mission to help 5,00,000 people in next 5 years to realize their potential and rewrite their destiny.

I strongly believe when person who is in wheel chair can lead an Unstoppable and Fearless life, anyone can create their life way they want by becoming fearless and unstoppable in attitude.

TEDx Speaker

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I was going through a rough patch, with lower self-confidence, and a struggle to get back to my full potential. I requested Niranjan to be my Rebound Coach. Niranjan has really faced a lot of hardship/challenges in his life, and has been highly successful in bouncing back to life, even though there were severe setbacks.

In his coaching sessions with me, identified my areas that were pulling me down, helped me to come up with ways to overcome my own limiting beliefs. He helped me great deal in changing some of my faulty habits and change new perspective to help me in my journey. The biggest being formulating a goal for myself and living up to it. Each of the personalised sessions helped me to re-shape my confidence with simple but effective techniques which aided my bounce back. I am now on the path of the second version of me, who is rearing to go with great fervour and tenacity.

Ravi Raghavendra
PM Supervisor in an Nexteer Automotive Supplier Company,
Michigan, USA

“I have been in a personal coaching session with Niranjan for the last 4 months. Must tell it had been an enriching journey to say the very least. I sought for help when was in a transition point in my life, career all at the same time. I was struggling to strike the right balance between various priorities - personal and professional. Interaction with Niranjan has helped me see the various aspects of life in the right context.

Initial 3 months was focussed completely on the immediate burning issues at hand. No aspect of life was seen with less or more importance. The approach was always all rounded and bottoms up. Step by step approach was suggested in each session and I was to apply them the week that followed. In the subsequent weeks, there was a review of the challenges faced and ways to go about them.

There were coaching, hypnosis and self-affirmation sessions that helped me get to root cause of the issue. And I must say that, now I see the starting point of most of my thought patterns and this is helping me to understand myself better. My personal and professional life’s quality has increased by orders of magnitude. Now I see huge potential in myself to redesign my career and life in general.

Thank You Niranjan - for this amazing transformation.“

Mahesh Ravi Varma
Digital Verification Lead at Analog Devices
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

“I was in a path defining stage 6 months back , both professionally and personally and was in dilemma of whom to reach out . I realized at that very moment of need of a coach who not only can assist/ guide me on “Clarity” with Goals/life changing thoughts but also throw insights of how one needs to be “UNSTOPPABLE”.

Who better can be that person be for me other than Niranjan Nerlige, who not only imbibe the principles of unstoppable but at every moment of life evolved as a great human being , like saying goes – “Rose like a phoenix” and a role model for everyone. The choice I made to have Niranjan Nerlige as my coach not only guided me to speed up on my professional and personal goals but gave a new meaning to my life by adapting blueprint of my life, habits and understanding better about myself. It made a huge impact to me and changed my way of thinking forever.

Thank You Niranjan for continuing to be a part of my life journey and looking forward for our great relationship to soar new heights. Sir, you are a role model to the society at large and would request people from all walks of life to get Inspired by your achievements ..

All the very best and you ROCK”

Niranjan Kumaraswamy Nadig
Associate Director at Harman Connected Services
Overland Park, Kansas, United States

“Niranjan is a standing power and an inspiration for all those people who cannot standup by themselves. He is a vibrant thought process thinker. Niranjan is very clear in his approach and his goals. He can inspire people take actions on their dreams and desires, without settling down with reasons and justifications”

Pavan R C
Founder of Achieve School,
Kinesthetic Mathemagician,
Tedx Speaker and Author of Four Books.


  • Awarded Rotary Diversity Award -2018 on International day for persons with disabilities for Vocational Excellence, being the inspiration and never say die spirit.

"STAND UP - Rewrite Your Destiny & U Can" PROGRAM

This programme is designed to transform a person from being stopped by circumstances to someone with the power to live the life one wanted. After undergoing this programme, the person will be able to rewrite destiny, transform and lead the life with more enjoyment, enthusiasm and start taking better decisions in the areas of career, health, job, family, and finances etc..

The program is facilitated by the person whom himself has met with an ill-fated accident (fall from great height) and other odds, and yet leading a successful life, the entire program is highly interactive and has follow-up action plans and personal roadmap for your success. All the limitations one has in the life get vanished thereby making a person to live a limitless life in future: The program intends to work on the self-imposed limitations in order to surmount them so that the person can embrace life with multiple possibilities and take on a future crafted by oneself

What you will learn:
  • Having a good BLUEPRINT for your life which will show you what you need to do and follow.
  • You will be able to take charge of your life without any reasons whatsoever limiting you so far
  • You will be able to change the course of your life using a 3D approach to become successful in career, business, finance, and relationships
  • You will be able to discover your hidden potential which has been untapped till now
  • With the help of a 4-step system you will be able to rise to the occasion and define your own life
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Do you know how I managed to turn my Passion into Profession just by sitting in the wheelchair?

It was during November 13, 1994. The day I never dreamt of. The day fate wrestled on my life crushed my bones and threw me into the wheelchair.

Yes, I had fallen from the fourth floor of my house. Due to the dizziness out of high fever, I slipped out the balcony.

At the time, I was an aspiring software engineer who longed for onsite projects in the U.S. and abroad. Even I had the offer to go to the U.S., but because of this tragedy, I missed the opportunity.

All my dreams were shattered along with the bones of my leg and hands. Out of God's grace after two years, I was able to live my life in a wheelchair, and I got a job as a software engineer.

During 2009, when the whole IT sector went through the recession. I was laid off from my job by a reputed MNC. I had no savings, no investments and nothing.

All I had was my wheelchair, my skills and my passion for teaching.

I took the decision and became a well-recognized corporate trainer and coach. I followed my passion and interests, created an income stream around them.

Despite my physical and career setbacks, I was able to

      Travel around six countries;
      Write a motivational book which became one of the best sellers on amazon.
      Start a well established Consulting and Training firm.
      Became a TEDx speaker
      And I was interviewed by some of the leading news TV channels, newspapers, Magazines and Radios in India.

I was interviewed by one of the crew members of World-renowned Tony Robbins, to address corporate professionals in the Philippines.

All these are possible because I chose to act on my passion and create an income stream based on it by being fearless and developing an unstoppable attitude

During my 26 years of experience, I learnt that "Life is truly too short to spend at a day job that doesn't fulfil you."

I believe that when people make a living out of their passion using their skills, and getting paid for it, we can create fearless leaders who can lead a happy and prosperous life.

What will you learn in the Program:
  • How to become Fearless, Unstoppable by awakening your “Inner Power’
  • Eliminate your Negative Inner Voice through Inner Voice Demolition Formula.
  • Remove all your worries, self-doubts that are stopping you and become Ver 2.0 Person
  • How to Identify your Passion and Niche
  • How to develop your power to produce wealth for your passion area by mastering my 3 Secrets Formula in 45 days
  • How to create an Income using multiple streams by Coaching, Courses, Training ,Consulting and gradually transition from your job to your own online business in case you are working.

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