Do you want to earn more Money and become Financially Independent fast — Follow these Five things.

1. Solve People Problems:

The only way to earn more money by providing people with services or products which are needed and useful. We exchange our time and our product or service for another person’s money. Therefore, the natural law is, our financial return is in direct proportion to our service. These are the words said by Earl Nightingale says in Strangest Secret audio.

If you want to earn more money the best way is to provide people with your service or product. If you are working in an organization, you can earn more money by providing more value through your service to the organization. It is very strange most of us think always to earn money, but we fail to realize to provide value which in turn leads to a better salary. If you are in business, you can earn more money by helping people creating your product.

Best examples: Amazon solved the problem of shopping from any corner of the world without stepping out of your home. Similarly, the “Uber” taxi service became so famous because we can travel to any place by getting the taxi service anytime at our fingers tips. These are some of the best examples of earning more money by providing solutions to others problems.

2. Create a Second Income:

One of the ways to earn more money is to create your second income while you are working to earn after office hours. There are so many ways such as coaching, training, counseling, blogging, affiliate products, etc. As you start earning this income, you should use it to invest in assets that give you passive income after deducting all expenses. This is the best way to accelerate your time to become financially free in a shorter time. The question you should ask to evaluate your financial freedom is, “Can I retire today if I want?”. You should have sufficient wealth to take care of the rest of your life. Let me not get into what are the places where you need to invest. Probably you can take the advice of a financial expert. Some of the instruments which I know are Real Estate, Stocks / Crypto and Gold / Silver, etc.

3.Save 10 % and Invest in instruments to get Passive Income

We need to learn to save at least 10% of your income after cutting down all our expenses. This is the secret practiced in ancient times by rich people in Babylonia as mentioned in the book “Richest Man in the Babylon”. This secret is so powerful, practiced and recommended even today by all self-made millionaires. This saved money should be invested to build assets that give passive income.

4. Provide Value:

The common notion is, you will be called successful when you are earning more money. The vice versa is true, you can earn more money after you are successful. One man said, “Give me heat and then I will add the wood”. We have to got to put the fuel before we can expect heat, we have to provide service/ value first before we expect money. We should not be concerned ourselves with the money before providing service first.

5.The ability to sell the concept or product:

We have a lot of ideas every day and some good ones, but how can you convince people that will help you earn money? You must be able to explain the process that will transform your ideas into solving the problems of people. People buy your product or service only when they get the feeling their problems are addressed. Hence if you are in online business or offline business you need to create your product to address the problem of your target audience. More problems the product solves, you will get more money.

What is Prosperity Thinking? How to Attract Money?

It is your right to be rich. Everyone is here to lead an abundant life, to be happy, joyful, and free of basic concerns in life. Today in this world everyone needs money to lead a decent life. Hence you have full right to have all the money you need to lead a full, happy prosperous life. Please don’t get confused leading prosperous life doesn’t mean you should be having lots of money.

1. Accept first earning more money is your Right

We are here to grow, expand, develop spiritually, mentally, and materially. We should learn to develop our thinking and express ourselves in these lines. We should surround ourselves with beauty, wonderfulness, and luxury. We need to start thinking we should no be satisfied with just enough to lead a constricted life when we can enjoy the riches of the infinite. There is lots of abundance in the Universe. Because of our attitude and thinking, we think money is scarce. Getaway all superstitious beliefs about money. Do not ever regard money as evil or filthy. If you do you are distancing yourself away from the money. We need to remember whatever we condemn we will loose.

2. Burning Desire to become Rich

In the book “ Think and Grow Rich”, author Napoleon Hill says, one of the attributes of rich people or self-made millionaires is having a “burning desire”. Hence, we need to develop a burning desire to have a fuller, happier, and more wonderful life. It is a cosmic urge. It is good. We need to begin to see money in its true significance as a symbol of exchange. Money only helps us to get freedom from our wants. Hence it is our right to earn more money and we should have always a burning desire to get more money.

3. Develop Prosperity Thinking

One of the reasons many people do not have more money is that they are silently or openly condemning it. They always believe that “love of money is the root of all evil”. Another reason they do not prosper is that they have a malicious feeling subconsciously “ there is worth in thinking about poverty”. These beliefs may be due to early childhood training, superstition or it could be based on the false interpretation of the scriptures. Have you observed your father or mother or grandfather saying “Money will not grow like trees” or “ You have to sweat every day to earn money”. We are living in this kind of scarcity mindset. It is time that we should change our scarcity mindset to a prosperity mindset.

Money is only a symbol. It has taken many forms as a medium of exchange down through centuries. In olden times money was in the form of salt, beads, or the number of sheep or oxen one had. Today we are writing cheques than carrying some sheep with us to pay our bills. God doesn’t want us to live in a hut or to go hungry. God wants everyone to be happy, prosperous and successful. It is due to our past beliefs that some people are remaining poor. They think that they cannot change their poverty.

Only one care you need to take care of is not becoming fanatical about earning money by distancing from your friends, loved ones, and social activities. Then you will become unbalanced and frustrated as well at times. Nature expects you to have balance. My suggestion to you is to repeat this phrase every day at least three to four times” Money is freely circulating in my life and is at divine surplus”. You don’t need too much money, but you need money for all your activities, and it should be flowing freely in your life.

4. Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is an agent of communication between the conscious mind and subconscious mind. As we have inherited negative beliefs about money from our parents, ancestors, or the surrounding environment in childhood we have developed negative thoughts in our subconscious mind about money. We have been made to think money is not easy to earn or do not grow in trees, it is very hard to get rich. These negative thoughts or beliefs are deeply seated in our subconscious mind about the money. It is like an old operating system if you want to talk in the language of the computer. Unless we replace this old operating system with a new operating system we can’t change our thinking about money. By repeating some words or sentences daily we can erase our old operating system(scarcity mindset) and replace it with a new operating system(prosperity mindset).

Some examples of positive affirmations to develop prosperity thinking is

· I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul!

· I have a millionaire mind!

· I commit to being rich

· I earn money by providing better service to people’s problems.

· My financial return is in direct proportion to my service to the problems of the people.

· My Inner World creates my Outer World

· I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me.

· I release my non-supportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future.

· I create the exact level of my financial success

· I think “big”. I choose to help thousands and thousands of people.