Keep busy. Lose yourself in action so that you have no time to worry!!!!

No time for worry! That is exactly what Winston Churchill said when he was working eighteen hours a day at the height of the war.

When he was asked if he worried about his tremendous responsibilities, he said: “I’m too busy. I have no time for worry.”

How many of us keep worrying about many things in our life and spend most of our time in a day, weeks, and sometimes months

Some examples

– What will happen in my life in the future?

– What will happen to my job?

– What will happen to the family?

– What will happen after 5 years?

– How will I lead my life?

– What will happen to my life, if I don’t have Finance?

– I am alone my husband/wife left me?

– I am alone not married?

– I am not having a job?

Famous Scientist Louis Pasteur found peace in his laboratories.

What is your peace-keeping action?

One of the most practical pieces of advice given by Psychologists is one has to keep himself/herself busy with something.

When you get involved in doing something you are physically and mentally involved.

When I was in hospital lying on the bed paralyzed from the waist below. The doctor said one day “ You need to start working and keep busy”.

This strategy of mine helped me take up a job immediately after I came out of hospital after two years.

I became highly successful in 2-3 years in the job despite being in a wheelchair. Soon I was recognized by my organization with the Extraordinary Contributor Award.

I became manager to the group of 7-8 people who were reporting to me.

Similarly, it is in our choice what we want to do at present.

Certain things may not be in our control. 

Eg: Pandemic happening right now

What decision you are going to take now is important.

If you ask me I would say “ Lose yourself in action so that you have no time to worry”.

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3 thoughts on “Keep busy. Lose yourself in action so that you have no time to worry!!!!”

  1. Worrying has never been a solution to any problem. How to avoid worrying: Lose yourself in action.
    I totally agree sir.

  2. I am happy to read your blog and understand how you managed you life with so many problems and overcame every step and be a motivator for everyone who reads.
    I liked the care giver how she was very loyal to u after trying many care givers. I admire the attitude ” Never give up” Attitude of yours to reach ur goal

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