What is Success?

We all want success. We all want to be and feel successful. Everyone wants more recognition, more money, more education, more of everything! Funny enough we tend to start with this goal: To be successful.
But, what that really means?
In my life, the idea of success has changed over the years. Twenty Six years ago, I was proudly holding my Masters acquired from the IIT, the most acclaimed engineering institution in India. I had high ambitions and endless opportunities. Life could have offered me anything I desired. There was no doubt that I was going to build a successful career as an engineer.
However, destiny had a different plan for me. I fell from a great height which left me paralyzed below the waist. All of a sudden life became a roller coaster ride on a wheelchair. But I wasn’t going to let destiny have the final say. I decided to redesign my life, so my idea of success changed as well.

What Actually is Success?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. You must define what success means to you. Some people might think of success as millions of dollars in their bank account. Others might define it as having a healthy relationship. There is no right or wrong definition as long as you define your success. The question is actually: What does success mean to you?
As I said, my idea of success changed over the years. When I graduated, all I wanted is to be a successful engineer and build a stellar career. The accident changed my views and forced me to seek a higher purpose in my life. Despite my disability, I have been an effective and efficient corporate professional, but something was missing. So, I decided to quit my corporate job and become a Rebound Coach. I went through so much in my life, and I feel it’s my responsibility to share what I’ve learned. Now I am on a mission to guide and inspire people to live their best life. I want to make a difference by helping people overcome challenges. I want to empower people to unleash their full potential. My idea of success is not only about me now. My success is about helping others live a limitless life.
There are many types of success. It can be related to education, love, career, money. Define yours.

If you don’t define success, you will never get it. Even worse, you might end up pursuing someone else’s version of success.
Do you know how many students choose their major based on what’s popular or promising to pay off? That’s society defining success for them. That’s someone else’s idea of success. Do you really want to keep climbing the wrong ladder only to find out that you’ve reached the wrong heights?
To define your success, ask yourself: What makes me happy? The path to success begins with what you love doing the most. It doesn’t have to be money-related.
Ever wonder why millionaires and billionaires keep waking up at 5 am every day and head to work? It’s because they love what they do!
So, what does success mean to YOU?

Why I am Not Successful?

Many factors can influence your success, but here are some of the common reasons why you are not successful yet:

1. You Don’t Have Goals

Success is about achieving goals. How can you possibly be successful if you don’t set clear goals? Goals help you to be more focussed on our destination amidst so many distractions in the world.

2. You Don’t Have A Plan

Knowing what you want is a big step forward. However, that won’t make you successful by itself. You have to have a plan of how to get there. It doesn’t need to be the ultimate plan, but you must start somewhere. People usually get scared when it comes to coming up with a plan, so they postpone it. No one is going to figure it out for you. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Get to work! Put together a plan. If plan A doesn’t work, you can always switch to plan B or C or D…

3. You Don’t Want to Work That Hard

If you know what you want and how to get it, what are you waiting for? Do you always have a bunch of excuses up your sleeve instead of getting things done? If your goals don’t make you jump out of bed, maybe you’ve set wrong goals. Identify your big WHY. Why do you want to achieve your goals? This question will reveal to you whether you are on the right path or need to take a different turn.

4. You Have Limiting Beliefs

Someone or something has convinced you that you can’t do or be something. These negative thoughts have turned into limiting beliefs over time. Now, these toxic beliefs are standing in the way of your success.

Identify each of those beliefs and replace them with positive thoughts.

5. You Don’t Value Your Time Properly

You work hard, but you don’t seem to move forward? Maybe it’s time to take that course that will help you get a more competitive role. Maybe you need some time to take care of yourself. Do you struggle to manage your time in the first place? What about getting up earlier? Or watching less TV? Success takes effort and time. However, it’s up to you to balance and make the most out of your time.
There might be one or more reasons why you are not successful. Observe your situation from a third-person perspective. Ask yourself multiple questions until you get answers. Being aware of the problem is the first step towards finding an accurate solution.

How to Be Successful?

The first thing you need to do is define what does success mean to you. This will help you set goals and align your actions with the desired outcome.
Be specific about your goals.
“I want to be rich” is not a goal by itself. At least, it’s not an actionable goal.
You have to figure out how much you want to make. Most importantly, you have to understand why you want to have that amount of money in your bank account. Ask yourself “WHY?” for everything you desire.
What are you willing to sacrifice? How important is for you to achieve your goals? Trust me, motivation will follow when you are fully committed and know why you want to achieve your goals.

People often ask me how I am so successful despite my physical limitation. How can I be so positive?
The answer is simple: I have found my purpose. I want to make a positive impact on the society by setting an example through my work driven by values and principles that I cherish. I don’t need anyone or anything to motivate me to get out of bed every morning. I don’t ever hit snooze. Every new day gets me excited! I know WHY I want to achieve my goals — that’s what keeps me going.
When you have a purpose, there’s nothing that can stop you.
Keep in mind that I am just human. I can fail like everyone else. Anyway, success is not about numbers. It’s not about how many times you’ve won or failed. Don’t just count, make it count!
Have fun along the journey! What’s the point of being happy only when you reach a goal? That won’t last long, and soon you’ll find yourself chasing another goal. Happiness is not a destination — it’s a state of mind.
Don’t wait until you are ready. Be a person of action. BE UNSTOPPABLE.

What is Prosperity Thinking? How to Attract Money?

It is your right to be rich. Everyone is here to lead an abundant life, to be happy, joyful, and free of basic concerns in life. Today in this world everyone needs money to lead a decent life. Hence you have full right to have all the money you need to lead a full, happy prosperous life. Please don’t get confused leading prosperous life doesn’t mean you should be having lots of money.

1. Accept first earning more money is your Right

We are here to grow, expand, develop spiritually, mentally, and materially. We should learn to develop our thinking and express ourselves in these lines. We should surround ourselves with beauty, wonderfulness, and luxury. We need to start thinking we should no be satisfied with just enough to lead a constricted life when we can enjoy the riches of the infinite. There is lots of abundance in the Universe. Because of our attitude and thinking, we think money is scarce. Getaway all superstitious beliefs about money. Do not ever regard money as evil or filthy. If you do you are distancing yourself away from the money. We need to remember whatever we condemn we will loose.

2. Burning Desire to become Rich

In the book “ Think and Grow Rich”, author Napoleon Hill says, one of the attributes of rich people or self-made millionaires is having a “burning desire”. Hence, we need to develop a burning desire to have a fuller, happier, and more wonderful life. It is a cosmic urge. It is good. We need to begin to see money in its true significance as a symbol of exchange. Money only helps us to get freedom from our wants. Hence it is our right to earn more money and we should have always a burning desire to get more money.

3. Develop Prosperity Thinking

One of the reasons many people do not have more money is that they are silently or openly condemning it. They always believe that “love of money is the root of all evil”. Another reason they do not prosper is that they have a malicious feeling subconsciously “ there is worth in thinking about poverty”. These beliefs may be due to early childhood training, superstition or it could be based on the false interpretation of the scriptures. Have you observed your father or mother or grandfather saying “Money will not grow like trees” or “ You have to sweat every day to earn money”. We are living in this kind of scarcity mindset. It is time that we should change our scarcity mindset to a prosperity mindset.

Money is only a symbol. It has taken many forms as a medium of exchange down through centuries. In olden times money was in the form of salt, beads, or the number of sheep or oxen one had. Today we are writing cheques than carrying some sheep with us to pay our bills. God doesn’t want us to live in a hut or to go hungry. God wants everyone to be happy, prosperous and successful. It is due to our past beliefs that some people are remaining poor. They think that they cannot change their poverty.

Only one care you need to take care of is not becoming fanatical about earning money by distancing from your friends, loved ones, and social activities. Then you will become unbalanced and frustrated as well at times. Nature expects you to have balance. My suggestion to you is to repeat this phrase every day at least three to four times” Money is freely circulating in my life and is at divine surplus”. You don’t need too much money, but you need money for all your activities, and it should be flowing freely in your life.

4. Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is an agent of communication between the conscious mind and subconscious mind. As we have inherited negative beliefs about money from our parents, ancestors, or the surrounding environment in childhood we have developed negative thoughts in our subconscious mind about money. We have been made to think money is not easy to earn or do not grow in trees, it is very hard to get rich. These negative thoughts or beliefs are deeply seated in our subconscious mind about the money. It is like an old operating system if you want to talk in the language of the computer. Unless we replace this old operating system with a new operating system we can’t change our thinking about money. By repeating some words or sentences daily we can erase our old operating system(scarcity mindset) and replace it with a new operating system(prosperity mindset).

Some examples of positive affirmations to develop prosperity thinking is

· I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul!

· I have a millionaire mind!

· I commit to being rich

· I earn money by providing better service to people’s problems.

· My financial return is in direct proportion to my service to the problems of the people.

· My Inner World creates my Outer World

· I observe my thoughts and entertain only those that empower me.

· I release my non-supportive money experiences from the past and create a new and rich future.

· I create the exact level of my financial success

· I think “big”. I choose to help thousands and thousands of people.